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About Me

I call myself a fluid poet soul.

But you might want more details.

Crazy as it is,

I'm mostly known as the mother of

10 amazing teen & adult children. 

My eight grandchildren also bring me great joy. 

I am surrounded by an awesome cadre

of friends and relatives from all walks of life.

I'm always learning something new from them!

I graduated in May 2021 

with an MA in Ministry from 

Asbury Theological Seminary,

where I am a member of the

Theta Phi honor society. 

As part of my academic program,

I did two independent research courses

on the topic of restorative Christian spirituality

for those who have experienced faith crisis.

I continue working for the seminary

assisting in classes as needed with. 

research/writing training & assessment. 

Speaking of research

and faith crisis,

for the past dozen years,

my "dark hobby" has been

studying authoritarian and/or aberrant,

religious movements,

spiritual abuse, and family dysfunction.

I suppose I should call it my 

"darkness-to-light" hobby 

since I do it to educate. 

It's no fun getting sucked in.

Ask me how I know.

I work for a crisis hotline,

where I have learned to listen, reflect, and resource.

This is an extension of what I have always said of myself:

"I connect people with resources, ideas, and inspiration for success."


I also teach high school English

and middle school language arts

part-time for a local homeschool program

where my youngest teen is also a student.

Once upon a time, I wrote and self-published

three books on home education.  

I love art, music, literature,

and historical architecture, particularly cathedrals.

Botanical gardens and other nature settings

are favorite outings for me,

and I have been known to fall off a waterfall. 

​I create my own art with photography, calligraphy,

woodwork, painting, and countless doodles.

And words. I live for words.

That's why I'm a poet, and 

why I'm writing a book, again.

My favorite place to write is

my hand-dyed turquoise 

tilted table with these words

burned into the bottom edge:





That's my philosophy for life

and for writing.

Most of all,

despite my own periods

of crisis and cynicism,

I am a disciple

of Jesus Christ.

All good things!


I can't imagine

any other life for myself.

To God be the glory.

About Me: About Me
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